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Happy 2021!

Last year was a crazy one for everyone with the pandemic. Who would have thought we'd be where we are now. My prayer is that you and family are healthy and if you have been diagnosed then I pray for a speedy and full recovery! God bless you!

Sj and the Flyers

Sj and the Flyers is an original rock project based about two hours from New Orleans and three from Memphis! There are so many cultural influences in this region! Their sound is like great food in the south...delicious! Like the best bowl of musical gumbo you've ever had! We know you will agree!

Their music is in all major digital retail outlets including ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and many others including this site! Just about anywhere in the world you stream music!



The latest track "Shine Again" was a labor of love to write and produce! It's about someones battle with cancer (actually 3 someones). We all either know someone whose going through or been through it. Or maybe you have been directly involved in this battle yourself. I am a survivor too as well as my wife. I was diagnosed at a time when two others close to my family were as well. We each went through our battles but in the end I was the only survivor out the three. It felt a little like what war must feel like. I had some guilt as well as the physical climb back to health. That season planted the seeds that would eventually become this song. I was diagnosed again years later and one of the times I went to the doctor I met someone in the waiting room and we talked. I don't even know if she survived, It was the only time I ever saw her. It struck me that in that room were all kinds of people with all kinds of diagnoses. Some were not great. My heart really just broke for all those folks. Well I survived again and it's been many years since then. Then in 2016, my wife's sister was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. She came to live with us as we would become her care takers that year. She fought but eventually succumbed to it and hospice was called in. She died in my home that summer and we were devastated. Before she passed I got an old song out that I had started about 18 years ago but could not finish and went to work because I knew it was time. I wrote the last verse and I remember drawing an X through the lyric and told myself I would not add that for sure. But then she passed away. Well, the verse was added and it took me many times singing through it to not break down. All of the battles and all of the emotion I guess in some small way, began healing a little partly through this song. This one was a journey from the start. I hope you like it and maybe it helps you in some way! Id love to hear your stories too! Maybe you've been through similar. Thanks for your support! Sj

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