Note from Sj;

This year has been a crazy one for everyone with this pandemic. Who would have thought we'd be where we are now. My prayer is that you and family are healthy and if you have been diagnosed then I pray for a speedy and full recovery! God bless you!

Sj and the Flyers

Sj and the Flyers is an original rock band based on a farm in southern Mississippi. Two hours from New Orleans and three from Memphis, there are so many cultural influences in this region! Their sound is like great food in the south...delicious! Like the best bowl of musical gumbo you've ever had! We know you will agree!

Their music is in all major digital retail outlets including ITunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, and many others including this site! Just about anywhere in the world you stream music!

The new track "The Other Side" is here! Should be in all the places you get your music in a couple of weeks but for now, you can listen right here!

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